Going Beyond Foreclosure with TCG

In affiliation with Perdue Brandon‚ Texas Communities Group‚ LLC (TCG) provides trust property management and marketing services‚ abandoned property procedures and code enforcement support. TCG is an add–on service for our communities throughout Texas to assist in dealing with abandoned‚ dilapidated and problem properties.

With the use of an online bid system and a marketing and management strategy‚ TCG has sold almost 1‚000 properties that have contributed more than half a million dollars in revenue for clients. TCG ensures the best possible purchasers and gets properties back on the tax roll. Perdue Brandon has successfully used creative interlocal agreements to fund this added service.

With the cooperation of Perdue Brandon‚ TCG also has found great success in targeting abandoned and dormant‚ low–value properties for seizure. TCG staff works with communities in identifying and procuring the necessary information for properties that qualify‚ according to the Texas Tax Code. Perdue Brandon reviews the information and executes tax warrants.

TCG works with local code enforcement departments by providing support or consultation‚ as well as having a licensed and registered code enforcement officer on staff. Additionally‚ TCG developed a smart–phone application to report “problem” properties simply and quickly. TCG looks for the most efficient‚ cost–effective‚ long-term resolution for problem or eye–sore properties.

Current TCG clients with properties for tax resale are listed on Perdue Brandon’s Tax Resale webpage.

Cities and counties interested in TCG services may contact Danny Barrett at 806-839-2724.