Perdue Brandon has been in the business of collecting government receivables since 1970. Established in West Texas‚ founders Larry Brandon and Howard Perdue saw an opportunity to help historically under–served local governments in the Panhandle and West Texas in collecting delinquent receivables. Today‚ Perdue Brandon’s collections services include all types of delinquent receivables for all types of governmental entities.

Many of our attorneys have served as assistant city attorneys‚ municipal prosecutors‚ county attorneys and district attorneys. Others have broad experience in civil and criminal matters with private firms. The knowledge acquired from serving in all of these capacities is an invaluable asset in developing and executing a superior system for recovering delinquent accounts and for other areas of government representation.

For delinquent collection services‚ Perdue Brandon’s clients include counties‚ cities‚ school districts‚ appraisal districts‚ community colleges‚ hospital districts and all types of special districts. Perdue Brandon also collects delinquent tolls for state and local toll road authorities.

For appraisal district services‚ Perdue Brandon advises appraisal districts on property tax matters and represents them in litigation involving valuation‚ exemptions‚ special appraisal and other property tax issues.

For school finance issues‚ Perdue Brandon represents school districts on appeals and audit to the Texas Comptroller’s Property Value Study used to determine state funding to school districts.